Just My House Of Love (Young Pulse rebootleg)

B. Just My House Of Love (Young Pulse rebootleg)[SLAVE+DIANA ROSS]


“Rebootlegs vol. 1” available now on :
• vinyl : https://bit.ly/2ZP7Srk
• digital : https://ift.tt/2X9U26i

“Rebootlegs vol.1” is the first release of brand new reedits label, PANTY Music. And they chose no other than reworks don, Young Pulse, and the fresh Mochi Men rascals to gather on wax two exclusive and original disco mash-ups. Skillfully and formidably reedited, reworked, remastered and crafted for the dancefloors, these two wonderful and joyful pieces mix up perfectly acapellas with instrumentals of 4 disco/funk anthems, which is all the fun about the rebootlegs concept.

A-side blends Love Unlimited Orchestra with MJ, B-side interwinds Diana Ross with Slave, which makes it twice more unique and creative. Right on time for the summer outbreak !
Mixed & mastered by Young Pulse

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