Trade Wars Looking More Arduous Everyday

Jim Zarroli: “China’s economy is much less dependent on trade now and on trade with the U.S. than it used to be,” says Linda Lim, professor of corporate strategy and international business at the University of Michigan. “Trade is around 20 percent of China’s economy,” she says. “Ten years ago, it was 40 percent.” At […]

Modular Housing as a Construction Alternative

A study from the Berkeley Terner Center on roughly 800 prefabricated housing units suggests that offsite construction could lend more housing at cheaper prices if it could be brought to scale: The Case for Off-site Multifamily Construction While a number of other countries such as Sweden have already broadly integrated off-site construction, only a few […]

The Latino Effect on Economic Growth

Jeffrey Eisenach on “Making America Rich Again” : The study focuses on Latino demographics, presents data on the role of Latinos as workers and entrepreneurs, presents data on Latino income and purchasing power, and focuses on the top 25 power Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). The data presented in this study demonstrate that the Latino community […]

Office Labor and Cube Life

Jenny Diski on Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace: The skyscraper, the apotheosis of form following finance and function, appears once the manufacture of elevators allowed buildings of more than the five floors that people are prepared to walk up. It was a perfect structure philosophically and speculatively to house the now millions of […]