Spring 2K mixed by Epaulets

The second entry in a series of K-Pop, Dance and R&B grooves. Big names, cool vibes, mixed by your friendly neighborhood DJ. Download now and have a listen.

About to enter the second month of stay-at-home, and everything is going well. Fortunate to have an almost bucolic daily routine involving research, notebooks, neighborhood kids on bikes, and sunburnt succulents. So glad to see the stream of couch hangouts, goofy pets, watch parties, and so on- “Togethering remotely” with y’all.

Wagyan Paradise – To the Stronghold (MIDI)

Wagyan Paradise has amazing music, truly some of my favourite vgm and hugely underrrated IMO (given how the game is rather obscure and Japan-only.) I’ve wanted to sequence this tune for so long; it’s my favourite on the whole soundtrack, I just adore it! It’s the sort of thing I wish I could come up with myself. The hellish organisation of instruments on the SPC sound channels put me off from sequencing it sooner, but seeing as I’m on an Eriko Imura tip at the moment, I finally bit the bullet today and brunted the 6+ hours of damage. Oof. But it was worth it.

Well, hope you enjoy this track as much as I do 🙂 go grab the SPC set, you will make me (and yourself) happy (hopefully)!

Composed by Yoshinori Kawamoto (川元義徳) and Eriko Imura (井村絵里子)

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Why You Can’t Overcook Mushrooms and The Science Behind Them | Mushrooms | What’s Eating Dan?

Mushrooms are neither plant nor animal. So what’s the best way to cook them? Dan explains the science behind cooking this delicious fungus in this episode of What’s Eating Dan?.

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“Why Do I Do (La Felix Remix) [feat. Jason Gaffner]” by Sam Padrul, Jason Gaffner added to Liked from Radio playlist on Spotify

Why Do I Do (La Felix Remix) [feat. Jason Gaffner]
By Sam Padrul, Jason Gaffner
From the album Why Do I Do (The Remixes)

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“Holding Back (My Love) – Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Version” by Tensnake, Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco added to Liked from Radio playlist on Spotify

Holding Back (My Love) – Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Version
By Tensnake, Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco
From the album In The End (Remixes)

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