Spring 2K mixed by Epaulets

The second entry in a series of K-Pop, Dance and R&B grooves. Big names, cool vibes, mixed by your friendly neighborhood DJ. Download now and have a listen.

About to enter the second month of stay-at-home, and everything is going well. Fortunate to have an almost bucolic daily routine involving research, notebooks, neighborhood kids on bikes, and sunburnt succulents. So glad to see the stream of couch hangouts, goofy pets, watch parties, and so on- “Togethering remotely” with y’all.

An anxious year of music punctuated with silence

Here’s a quick pulse check on music listening activity. First a list of releases from 2020, then a list of frequent listens from prior years. Special recognition goes Espitia/Oh Trio, Blake Anthony, Medina Walsh, Ms Kash, CarLarans, Navvi, Samurai Del, Ralph Reign, Sendai Mike, and more. Lots of local talent out there, can’t wait to hear what else is out there. There’s a whole lot of pop, soul, indie, electronic, and international rhythms here. Although it’s the end of the year, this is only the start of the 2020 list. What’s on your bingo card? Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!