HDSN – Free Ya Mind

Where´s The Realness In Da Scene EP
Label – NBAST
Released – 11th February 2020
The latest NBAST releases are undoubtedly when HDSN found his zone as an artist. Now he’s back with his first digital EP in 2020 combining new playful material that proves infectious like a candy rush hitting the bloodstream with some more offensive traits that address the changing landscape in the dance music culture toeing the line between what’s decent and what’s cultural criticism. As diverse an beat maker as HDSN has proven to be the brilliance of his music is personified by his ability to convince the audience that what they are hearing isn’t quite real, but definitely far away from being completely fictitious which is beautifully reflected in the intro of the EP that points to the haze of confusion and controversy running through the scene these days – proving the perfect opening compliment to a set of tracks that immediately hook the listener in a web of deep house missiles before the beat drops. Hit play and grab your copy

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