Joseph’s Birthday Party Discotheque

Joseph says;

What a night. ✨❤️✨

To everyone who came out, brought friends, and helped us transform that cafe into a dance party jawn ting:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you enjoyed the sounds, I encourage everyone to support last night’s DJs (many of whom produce their own respective shows, parties, and movements) by following them, going to their offerings, and dancing as much as your heart can handle.

The DJs from last night represent a cross-section of Seattle’s unique nightlife:

♥ Hojo (Allen Huang) masterminds CUSTOMSCity Hunter (Seattle), and JK POP.

♥ Monroe (Ross Monroe) produces Jet –– every Friday at Barboza.

♥ HansmJustin (Justin Av) and ♥ Matson (Andrew Matson) run Forreal Forreal –– every first Saturday at Speckled & Drake.

♥ T.Wan (Tiffany Wan) is a member of TUF –– a female, non­-binary, and trans music/art collective –– every first Wednesday at The Eagle.

♥ PHNK (Brandon Foy), in addition to his DJ entity, is a live performer/songwriter/producer/vocalist:

♥ Canh Solo and ♥ Epaulets (Chris Govella) are versatile DJs and instant vibe-makers. (And both are varsity-jacket-wearing members of Night Shift Sound.) Book them if you can!

♥ Young Strong (Avi Loud) is part of Odd Youth, which recently launched a new night called Protoype Sessions.

♥ Maryjane (Mary Jane Bermudez) had her debut DJ set last night. And from the reaction of the crowd, it def won’t be her last 🙂

♥ Sosa does Night Shift with myself and our partner Gwendolyn McKenzie. For DJ inquires, double-check his schedule with Reina Leilani Acab 😭

To all the DJs: Thank you for you work, your selections, and the positive energy you give to this city.

And thank you to Kaimba Felix Ngoussou and Brigette at Lake Chad Cafe for lending us their space for the evening. Check em out during the day for some local African flavors, and #gingerjuice.

Hope we can all do this again sometime. But until then, seeya in the streets, at church (Kaytranada concerts), or inside a sauna somewhere, probably a gym in the Southend, or souther than that.


St. Joseph

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