Bodyweight Strength Training Terminology – Range of Motion, Time under Tension and More

Volume, Intensity, Range of Motion, Time under Tension – these are some of the terms often used in Calisthenics, Bodyweight strength training and other forms of weightlifting. This video should help you with understanding some of the basic terms in strength training. It is an overview and not an in-depth extensive video that covers all the important things in a deeper way. With proper examples I want to quickly explain different terms and concepts that are often used in strength training. Hope you like it!
– Daniel

00:00 Intro
00:31 Range of Motion
02:22 Repetition
02:39 Seconds
02:57 Sets
03:24 Time under Tension
03:51 Tempo
05:11 Concentric, Eccentric, Isometric
06:11 Deload
07:22 Bilateral & Unilateral
07:47 Frequency
08:16 Volume
08:56 Intensity
09:45 Plateau
10:01 Accumulating Concept
10:35 Mechanical Advantage Set
11:20 Cluster Sets
12:16 Agonist & Antagonist Super Set
13:13 Micro, – Meso- and Macrocycle
14:04 Outro
14:23 Endcard

Picture in chapter “Concentric, Eccentric, Isometric”:

Credits to my friend and teacher Jonathan Schmid Training ( for providing knowledge included in this video.


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