Wagyan Paradise – To the Stronghold (MIDI)

Wagyan Paradise has amazing music, truly some of my favourite vgm and hugely underrrated IMO (given how the game is rather obscure and Japan-only.) I’ve wanted to sequence this tune for so long; it’s my favourite on the whole soundtrack, I just adore it! It’s the sort of thing I wish I could come up with myself. The hellish organisation of instruments on the SPC sound channels put me off from sequencing it sooner, but seeing as I’m on an Eriko Imura tip at the moment, I finally bit the bullet today and brunted the 6+ hours of damage. Oof. But it was worth it.

Well, hope you enjoy this track as much as I do 🙂 go grab the SPC set, you will make me (and yourself) happy (hopefully)!

Composed by Yoshinori Kawamoto (川元義徳) and Eriko Imura (井村絵里子)

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